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Tricky Dick, The Sequel?

As a result of a successful 2 year legal challenge to Dick Cheney's efforts to hide the activities of his 2001 Energy Task Force, Judge Paul J. Friedman ordered the Commerce Department to turn over relevant documents from the Task Force to Judicial Watch. Among these documents, that date from the period of March 2001, are (according to Judicial Watch's press release) a "map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and 'Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts'". The complete press release can be found at:


The implications that could be drawn from these newly released documents are ominous. The fact that members of the Cheney Energy Task Force were actually exploring the potential utilization of the oil of another nation (and the documents also include maps of wells and refineries in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) suggests that the plan for regime change in Iraq was being considered by Cheney and his cronies as early as March 2001 - and, hence, well before the events of 9/11. We here at Human Potential Left have typically discounted the "blood for oil" argument put forward by opponents of the recent Iraq war as being too simplistic, and too easily discredited by Bush Administration defenders. Maybe we were wrong? Moreover, this discovery adds further ammunition to the argument that Cheney was a key voice within the Administration effort to hype CIA intelligence data, overstate the case for a preemptive action against Saddam Hussein, and manipulate a nation into war.

I am becoming convinced that Dick Cheney is in deep trouble, and that his tenure as Vice-President may be coming to an end - possibly by the late October-early November 2003 period cited in my "It Always Darkest Before the Dawn" article, or by the Saturn station conjunct the United States Jupiter in March of 2004. The last time transiting Saturn stationed conjunct the United States Jupiter, in October 1973, Spiro T. Agnew resigned in disgrace. When this same configuration formed twenty-eight years earlier, in 1945, Franklin Roosevelt died in office. The first call for Cheney's resignation came this week (from the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Group), with the same exact configuration only three days away from being exact (within the context of a twenty-eight and one-half year cycle). This astro-historical resonance is quite uncanny. Yet, as I reconsider the scenarios suggested by the charts of Cheney, President Bush and the United States, I am even more convinced that our nation is in the midst of yet another extraordinary moment in its political and spiritual development. When confronted by such moments, the wisest course might be to sit back for a while and simply observe.

Matthew Carnicelli © 2003. All rights reserved.

Originally published July 18, 2003; revised July 20, 2003.