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About HPLeft

HPLeft represented an attempt to define an entirely new position within the political spectrum – that of a human potential left.

Since the early 1960s, a revolution in consciousness had taken place in America. This revolution had been spurred by the widespread dissemination of: a) the spiritual literature and practices of India, China, Japan, Africa and Native America; b) the transpersonal psychology of Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, Roberto Assagioli, and Stanislav Grof; c) the cross-cultural mythological perspective of Joseph Campbell; d) the emergence of non-denominational, spiritually-based recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous; e) the return from relative obscurity of divination and cyclical analysis tools such as the I Ching and astrology; f) and, finally, the embrace of whole-person and non-traditional approaches to physical well-being.

Human Potential Left represented an attempt to credibly demonstrate how the insights of this revolution could promote a more holistic understanding of the American political and cultural landscape. HPLeft was simultaneously an attempt to forcefully differentiate this perspective from the magical thinking and apocalyptic paranoia encouraged by the “new age” movement.

HPLeft: Political and social commentary with its head in the clouds, but its feet planted firmly on the ground.

- Matthew Carnicelli, Publisher