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A Self-Help Book for Our National Life
by Matthew Carnicelli

The Founding Fathers' agreement to the Declaration of Independence signaled not only the birth of a nation, but also a new phase in the evolution of humanity. In the author's opinion, the astrological chart for the moment that this nation began persuasively describes the psycho-spiritual dynamics of this great American experiment. In The Spiritual Template of America, Matthew Carnicelli will exploit his commanding grasp of the astrological perspective to offer an uncommon window on such perennial questions as the essential national character and the United States' appropriate role in the world. He will also contrast the theory of American Exceptionalism with a more universal notion of Cross-Cultural Evolutionary Destiny.

He will additionally illustrate the impact of the great cosmic cycles on American history, and demonstrate how an identification and understanding of these cycles can allow both the electorate and public officials to better meet the challenges and opportunities presented in any given moment of our national life. He will also broadly forecast the likely cosmic weather for the next twenty years in American history. This is a period in which the nation, and the world, is likely to experience “a return to the beginning” – that is, a series of evolutionary challenges much like the Founding Fathers' faced in the years from 1762 to 1778.

Written in the astrology-lite style pioneered at Human Potential Left, this book is meant to be enjoyed by mainstream readers who share the author's passions for American history and politics, or personal and collective psycho-spiritual development, or simply a hope for a brighter human future.

The Spiritual Template of America will be available in 2006.